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17 January 16:00 - 17:30

Do you long to feel fully alive in life, work and community?

Do you long to work with others in a way that allows you to offer your skills and be heard?  Then this event is for you.

Join us as we share our unique approach to CoCreation and a CoCreative book project opportunity. 

At the Center of the Project

All CoCreation has a person in the center who holds the intent and vision for the final product. In our first CoCreative Circle, the center of the circle is held by Lise Damkjaer.

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About Lise

Lise Damkjaer has experience as a manager, personnel development manager, coach and independent process consultant. She has learned to find, see and appreciate people's immense abilities and drive. She helps companies become more vibrant, mobile and full of energy by helping employees and managers to live their lives to the fullest - even when they are at work. More about Lise here.

What is emerging for Lise? 

When we feel fully alive and engaged with LIFE we are able to create and cooperate with ease and flow. In my work I have seen glimpses of this beautiful and inspiring way of working. I long to see this approach to work become the norm rather than the exception. I would love to see it spread to more organizations and more countries. Not only is this approach joyful and regenerative for those taking part, I believe it is the way to tap into the potential of our collective genius and solve our most difficult global challenges.

About the CoCreative Book Project   

In this project we will CoCreate a book about working in ways that remove the barriers to, and create space for, personal and organizational creative clarity and unleashes true power. The result of our CoCreation will be a book that is simultaneously created in multiple languages. Once the books are finished all co-authors can share the value of the books, create courses or additional resources based on what they have learnt. More about the project here.

Looking forward to seeing you on ZOOM

Join us on Sunday 17th January 2021 4pm CET to discover more about CoCreation, this unique project and how you can get involved.

Join us!

CoCreators of this event

Morya Short
CoCreator Fabric of Life

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Lise Damkjaer
Author & Innovator

To be human - book project?

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Lise Damkjaer

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Marie Ă–rnesved
CoCreator Fabric of Life

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